Flowers For Dreams

Girls love flowers, no question about that; Thus, a guy's dilemma is to choose the perfect flowers that will fit the girl of his dreams. So, how do you choose the perfect flowers for that perfect girl? Find out how:

Color :Get to know your girl and try to find out what is her favorite color. Finding out a girl's favorite color is no brainer because you can see her wear it everyday. Look at the hues of her dress, bag, shoes, hat, and other accessories; you would most likely see that she wears her favorite color. So, if your girl likes red, give her roses; if she likes blue, give her corydalis, or if she like pink, give her carnations. Go coordinate with your florists for the flowers in season.

Allergies :Obviously, this is very important. You may want to ask her personally or if you do not want to ruin the surprise, try to let her smell some flowers while you're going out together. As general rule: 1. Smaller flowers with little color can cause more allergies than brightly-colored large flowers. 2. Flowers that bare trumpet-shaped may cause fewer allergies because their pollen is held deeper within the flower. 3. Fragrant flowers produce less pollen allergies but may still cause allergic reaction to odor-sensitive people.

Choose your Florists :Make sure you choose reliable florists that will work with your budget without compromising the quality of the flowers. When talking to your florists, make sure you are ready to give him/her the type of occasion, your girl's favorite color, how you describe her, and your budget.

A bouquet of flowers may say a thousand words: I love you, I'm sorry, You have been remembered, etc. Thus, choose your flowers carefully or let your florists help you deliver the words that you wanted to convey in the sweetest manner.

With these tips, you can give the perfect flower for that perfect girl in your life. You get to create those wonderful memories, the moment when you gave your girl flowers that tell how you loved her so much. The flower that tells that you are sorry for what you have you done. Or flowers that says how lucky you are to be with that perfect girl. And always remember, that sincerity should come along in giving those flowers otherwise it wouldn't be as sweet as it should be.

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