Flowers Photography

Capturing an open field of flowers or photographing flowers using macro photographic skills is any serious photographers dream. Be a amateur or a professional photographer, taking photos on flowers needs not only patience and skills but also a popular subject in photography. If you are shooting flowers in a studio, it is important to separate the fresh flowers from the wilted ones. For example, flowers which have damaged petals, faded colors and irregular stems will have to be get rid of before taking photos. The principles of shooting flowers is a true demonstration of essence of photography.

Identify the Subject:When shooting flowers, first thing you should do is to identify the subject. In other words, you have to decide whether you are going to shoot the entire flower or flower arrangement or do you want to emphasize part of the subject. Based on what you are going to focus on the subject, you could go ahead with shooting flowers. For example, you may come across a situation which you may need to shoot the whole flower arrangement including the vase to depict the subject as a whole. Similarly, shots (which needs to demonstrate the way of life) do not required to show the entire subject. Generally such photography depends greatly on ones creativity and talent.

Use Pattern or Abstracting;One of the important and popular tips when shooting flowers is use of patterns and abstracting. This means instead of highlighting the flower in its entirety, it would be interesting to consider the flower as a shape. This means looking at the flower very closely while emphasizing on the petal shapes, the arrangement of the veins. You can get best results when shooting veins by having a back light behind the flower. For example, an artificial light such as a candle or light bulb in order to highlight the veins or patterns.

The main aim of pattern or abstracting is to play with shapes and lines that viewers eyes and attention are directed to certain area of the photo. In essence, such technique is to highlight petal veins which direct your eyes towards your main subject which is the center of the flower bud. Another approach is to shoot the flower from the side to  demonstrating how the stem is leading up to the flower bud. Utilizing patterns and abstracting are two simple ways to get best photo results when shooting flowers.

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